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    Hi Dr Pam,
    What type of braces are best for an adult who just needs a few teeth aligned?



    Great question! There are so many esthetic options for adult patients that integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle.

    Clear braces are the most commonly used and blend in beautifully with the color of your teeth. Most of our patients say that their friends don’t even notice that they have braces – they are all so happy with them!

    We also offer braces that can be placed on the inside of the teeth so they are not seen at all when you smile. These are great for aligning a few front teeth or maybe re-straightening those teeth that have shifted over the years since you had braces (think of it like smile maintenance).

    Finally, Invisalign is a great option to progressively move the teeth with a series of clear aligners (they look like clear retainers). This is a great option as you can take them out to eat and brush!

    So many adults are heading to the Orthodontist these days as people have realized the importance of straight teeth and the value a beautiful smile!


    Dr. Pam

    Find out more on our Adult Orthodontics page:




    Thank you so much! Looking forward to getting my adult braces soon from you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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